New Awareness Materials for EDS — “Hiding in Plain Sight” Brochure. NOW you can print through Vistaprint!

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Making EDS Awareness EASY!
2 ways to print your own brochures and wallet-cards:

Option #1: has made special arrangements with Vistaprint to print our brochure and wallet-card at a 20% discount – plus any “Promo Codes” you want to use! We’ve provided an option to customize the brochure with your personal or local support group’s contact information.

Please note: You may need to set up your own Vistaprint login. (It’s simple to setup with just your email and password.) We have given you the opportunity to print it as-is, or to customize the brochure with your local support group’s contact information.  This brochure is intended to be free to the EDS community and not for sale.

Click here for the Vistaprint ordering page.


Option #2: Print on your own from the PDF files provided (color or B&W brochure):

Click here to download the free brochure file.

Please note: You are free to print the brochure and add a label with your contact information. For example, to promote your local group.  Please do not cover any of the existing images or text. This brochure is intended to be free to the EDS community and not for sale.


Getting acquainted with our new awareness materials:

Tri-fold Brochure for Awareness is offering this brochure to the EDS community for FREE! We hope you will utilize it for your awareness efforts. The amazing Dr. Brad Tinkle graciously reviewed it for medical accuracy. We distributed free copies to attendees at the EDNF Conference in August 2015. See 2 options above to print your own!

We hope EDSers everywhere will use it in creative ways to spread awareness! It’s designed for general awareness of EDS, suitable for doctors, teachers, the undiagnosed, and relatives who just don’t “get it”. The purpose is to help YOU — and all the undiagnosed people out there!

Main points: EDS is Multisystemic. EDS is Disabling. EDS is Underrecognized.

trifold brochure outsideEDS trifold inside






Please note: This brochure is not designed to be a comprehensive study of EDS; that is not the purpose of a brochure. Its purpose is to whet the appetite for more information and to at least provide an idea of the struggles people with EDS are likely to face. It can be supplemented with more detailed information appropriate to the particular audience (i.e. the general public or medical professionals).

Click here to view the sources of medical information for this brochure 

“Wallet-card for Awareness” — Available on Vistaprint! 


WalletCard EDS Awareness 2015

This awareness tool debuted at the 2015 EDNF Conference where we handed out samples. We received great feedback from EDSers who wanted “something pocket-sized” to keep handy when around town or doing errands.  Inevitably, you’ll have opportunities for conversations with people asking about your braces, mobility aids or handicap tag! And there is always time for awareness at doctors’ offices or in the grocery line.  At the conference, many commented that it’s perfect to hand to individual’s who give them an “inquisitive look” when they drive into a handicapped parking spot. Turn that awkward situation into an opportunity for awareness!

This is “business card” sized, so the information will be much less detailed due to space restrictions. (But, we tried to squeeze in as much as we could – for maximum impact!)  The size makes it easier to carry with you at ALL times — because you never know when you’ll run into an opportunity for awareness or helping people!

See Vistaprint link above for instructions to print this card.


Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to the brochure:
– Deanna Hamm,, for project management and editorial collaboration
– Jeanne McArdle, MPS for the concept and copy
– Dr. Brad Tinkle, our Medical Advisor
– Carter Marshall for graphic design
We appreciate your Facebook Shares, Likes and Comments 

4 thoughts on “New Awareness Materials for EDS — “Hiding in Plain Sight” Brochure. NOW you can print through Vistaprint!”

  1. Cara says:

    This is so fantastic, thank you! Can’t wait for the wallet card too.

  2. Jennifer Teel says:

    I am very interested in the “Hiding in Plain Sight ” brochure and the new EDS awareness card. Is it possible to send it to me since I do not own a printer at this time.

  3. Danielle Spiby says:

    I would love if this brochure could somehow be sent to meme
    I live in sydney Australia
    Thanks for your time

    1. john says:


      This brochure can be “downloaded” and printed in B & W or color.

      Thank you for your interest. John

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