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EDS & Psychological Medical Trauma: An Introduction

Posted on August 20, 2023

[Content warning: trauma, PTSD, mental healthcare, negative clinician behavior, difficult medical encounters] Have you ever read something that left you speechless? I have so many thoughts and feelings about this article – ones that I can’t express with any sort of coherence at the time. What I can say: clinicians READ THIS (finger pointing down […]

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EDS is not all in the head!

Posted on May 26, 2022

In my decades of working with people with EDS, the number one comment I get is, “my doctor will not treat me and says it is all in my head.”And lately, some physicians and psychiatrists suggest that people with EDS have lots of mental health conditions, which is harmful to the community. In the following […]

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EDS Awareness Educational Series – Recording Available

Posted on September 17, 2014

Listen to this FREE online learning session about EDS & Psychiatric illness misdiagnoses by Dr. Richard Barnum, Psychiatrist. How can families handle situations where they feel misunderstood by their healthcare providers? Unfortunately, many EDSers are misdiagnosed with psychiatric conditions before their Ehlers-Danlos, Dysautonomia or associated physical conditions are identified. Dr. Barnum addresses what can happen in extreme […]

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