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The 12 Gifts of Blissmas: This Holiday Season’s Gift Guide for the EDS Warrior

Posted on November 22, 2022

Let’s be blunt: chronic illness and pain sucks. Many of us don’t only live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), but also have a variety of comorbid conditions such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), affectionately known as the EDS trifecta. Living with all of these takes ‘chronic illness and pain’ […]

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Vascular Eds): Things you should know!

Posted on November 29, 2021

Vascular Ehlers-Danlos condition is an inherited connective tissue problem that is brought about by deficiencies in a protein called collagen. It is viewed as the most extreme type of Ehlers-Danlos disorder (EDS). Common symptoms incorporate thin, transparent skin; bruising; specified facial appearance; and fragile arteries, muscles, and inside organs. Vascular EDS is generally caused by […]

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Side-Sleepers Need Knee Support

Posted on June 12, 2012

  Sometimes when I am in pain with EDS, I need to sleep on my side. In the past this has been very difficult because I toss and turn until I get the blanket correctly positioned between my knees.  This drives me nuts, and I end up moving around in bed to try to get comfortable. Most of […]

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What I use to Rest and Sleep

Posted on June 10, 2012

  Having EDS … it is often very difficult to get comfortable.  I find that this multi-postition back support system helps me rest and sleep. I can use it on the floor or in bed. I can position the wedges the way I want them and get support where I need it. This set is made up of three […]

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What Works Best – Heat or Cold?

Posted on June 8, 2012

With EDS, we all have those painful situations.  When I am in pain, I like to have options. One of the most effective, natural methods for relieving pain is a hot or cold pack.  Some packs are designed for heat, and others can be used for cold. The latest hot and cold therapy packs an be used for both. […]

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Knee Brace Comfort

Posted on June 7, 2012

Many EDSers are having problems with their knees.  We need that extra support, particularly when we are walking or standing for long periods.   It is important that we stabilize the knee joint properly.  Some EDSers need support all the time; others may need it only when they leave the home, take walks, travel or […]

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Do You Need Good Wrist Support?

Posted on June 5, 2012

Wrist instability is a very common problem for EDSers. I need support while I’m using my computer or driving long distances.  Stabilizing my wrist can prevent dislocations from lifting or carrying items.  Bracing reduces pressure on my wrist when I experience “torque” – a result of sideways or twisting movements.  Keeping my wrist in a straight and still […]

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