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Mitch Martow on his EDS journey and the documentary Bend or Break

Posted on December 22, 2022

For our January Chronic Pain Partners Post, journalist Karina Sturm spoke with Mitch Martow, an EDS advocate from Toronto, Canada. Martow is best known for being the focus of the 2021 released Canadian EDS documentary Bend or Break. In this interview, you’ll get close to Martow and his humorous side while he shares how he […]

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Misdiagnoses Happen. Medical Gaslighting Should Not

Posted on June 15, 2021

By Anne Maitland Allergy & ImmunologyMar 16, 2020 Click here for the Original source of this article   Op-Med is a collection of original articles contributed by Doximity members. As a non-psychiatrist, I really cannot tell you the difference between the diagnoses of hypochondriasis, malingering, Munchausen/Munchausen by proxy, or the disorders of conversion and somatization. […]

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