Side-Sleepers Need Knee Support



leg pillow

Sometimes when I am in pain with EDS, I need to sleep on my side. In the past this has been very difficult because I toss and turn until I get the blanket correctly positioned between my knees.  This drives me nuts, and I end up moving around in bed to try to get comfortable. Most of the time this is such a process that I end up popping other joints out of place.  Then I’m up and about, trying to get back to sleep.

I came across this Knee Support Pillow that does a great job for me. It is just the right size and firmness to keep my knees separated and it breathes so I don’t have sweaty knees when I wake up in the morning.

So now there is less tossing and turning in bed and less of popping joints, so I get a better night’s rest. It just might work for you?

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