Knee Brace Comfort

Knee Support Brace

Knee Support Brace

Many EDSers are having problems with their knees.  We need that extra support, particularly when we are walking or standing for long periods.   It is important that we stabilize the knee joint properly.  Some EDSers need support all the time; others may need it only when they leave the home, take walks, travel or attend an all day social event. There are a variety of  knee brace options. I like this version because it is supportive, breathable and extremely comfortable.  It also looks attractive!

3 thoughts on “Knee Brace Comfort”

  1. Affrilia says:

    Dear Dr.DianaI am 32 and diagnosed with EDS III rlcentey. I am very desperate most of time because my body starts to fall apart. I am pregnant with my first baby but i am afraid not be able to bring him up.I am questionning my diagnose, I can’ t believe I have it because my relatives does not have any joint disorder at all and because all my childhood till age 15-17 I had extreemly strong joints (I could run for 10 miles, work-out in fitness, do weight-lifting because I was rowing). Most of things started after age 15-16 when I got meniscus surgery.Could it really be that EDS hypermobility starts so late and there are no signs in childhood (i questionned my parents in details about my motor development crawling, walking etc. I did not have any misterious pain, I did not miss any day at school till age 16 because I gad excellent health)?Could it be that EDS hypermobility most problematic area is rib cage (it starts to deform because ribs are slipping out)?Could it be that there is non-stop progression during 15 years? Please, help me answering these questions! I am searching so much through internet but there is no-one who can answer.Most of doctors even don’t know such a disorder you just have to accept your condition is answer to most of my questions. but I don’t want to accept, I want to live!

  2. Pascalou says:

    Trix: Thank you honey. I do too, it became relaly important to me when I was at my most ill, something to hang on to I guess. From what I’ve seen of you I reckon you’d take amazing photos in this style, if I had any skill the other side of a camera I’d offer as a 40th birthday thing! Cogi: Deep breaths now while I explain I’m relaly a 70 year old man 😉 lol mwah!OF: Thank you lovelyAlhi: Thank you :)MrN: you’ve made me blush, but thank you so much. It was taken on my first photo shoot and I think it was a combination of luck, being bendy and the photographer being such a genuis with lighting that produced the image. As for not giving up…well, you know all about that one 😉 xAnon 5.15: I completely agree it’s funny, and I wonder what causes that difference between saying sod it and losing your self consciousness or going the other way all together. It’s definitely the feeling of detatchment from your body that does it,which is something I’ve found even more important in dealing with long term pain. Jurid: Thank you :)..didn’t know you were a medical man? Unixman: Ah well, there are worse side effects of disability than lack of self consciousness. And thanks!Steph: Thank you. I completely understand and agree with you about that feeling of not wanting to be touched after being poked and prodded medically. As already mentioned it’s the need to detach from your body in certain situations, especially important in hospital and can take a little time to feel back to normal again when you’re home. Couldn’t agree more with you about the lack of choice in hospital xTFA: heehee ;)Slip: TY x HMC: Thank you lovely. Now Ruf is such the photographer I’d like to see what images he could produce of you in a similar pose!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      You too can create an EDS Support Group in your local community. See the video at

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