10 clever comebacks for handling offensive comments about hEDS

Living with a rare disease like hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) can lead to misunderstandings and sometimes offensive comments from people who don’t get it. However, handling these remarks with wit and wisdom can make the situation easier and lighten the load. Here are ten clever comebacks for handling offensive comments about hEDS:

  1. “You’re just lazy.”

Comeback: “If I had a dime for every joint that dislocated today, I could hire someone to be lazy for me!”

  1. “You don’t look sick.”

Comeback: “And you don’t look like a doctor, but here we are having this conversation!”

  1. “It’s all in your head.”

Comeback: “Well, it must be a crowded place with all these symptoms and a sense of humor living in there!”

  1. “Why don’t you try exercising more?”

Comeback: “Actually, I have a strict workout routine – it’s called ‘Keeping My Joints in Place.’ Want to join?”

  1. “You should try this new miracle cure I read about!”

Comeback: “Thanks, but I prefer to follow my medical team’s advice. They have these things called degrees!”

  1. “You’re too young to have so many health issues.”

Comeback: “Well, my body didn’t get the memo, but at least it’s overachieving in something!”

  1. “You take too many medications.”

Comeback: “And you have too many opinions on something you know nothing about, but I guess we all have our quirks.”

  1. “You should just push through the pain.”

Comeback: “That’s like telling a fish to just ‘push through’ the air. Not really how it works, but nice try!”

  1. “You’re just seeking attention.”

Comeback: “If I wanted attention, I’d juggle flaming torches, not deal with a complex medical condition. But thanks for your concern!”

  1. “Why are you always so tired?”

Comeback: “I’m in a lifelong battle with gravity to keep my joints where they belong. What’s your superpower?”

These comebacks are designed to infuse humor and grace into an otherwise challenging situation. Living with hEDS is a serious and often misunderstood condition, but responding to uninformed or insensitive comments with a touch of wit can create a more open dialogue and foster understanding. And if it doesn’t, maybe consider the people you surround yourself with. Just sayin’!

Cover Image: Pixabay

Chronic Pain Partners Media Team

September 2023

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