A woman with brown hair is hugging her son, who is in a hospital bed.

A Mother’s Day Shout Out from An EDS Mom and The Producer of Complicated 

As a parent, it is hard to witness your child suffering with symptoms and physical pain. As mothers, we are often looked to, to make everything better, right? When my kids started having medical issues, I quickly learned that there was no parenting book to teach how to comfort and support your child when an […]

The picture shows a person smiling at the camera, wearing a tie-dye shirt with yellow, pink, and blue colors. They have short hair, glasses, and a black neck brace with white trim. On their face, there is a small flower-shaped patch on their right cheek. They are holding up a feeding tube. Behind them is a background of various stuffed animals.

Complicated – the must-watch documentary on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

A new documentary on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Complicated, will soon be released. Chronic Pain Partners was honored to preview the film, which dives deep into many of our community’s challenges. Directed by award-winning and Oscar-shortlisted filmmaker Andrew Abrahams and co-produced by TCAPP board member and advocate Donna Sullivan, this film is the most comprehensive and accurate […]

The picture shows a young woman with straight, shoulder-length pink hair and glasses, sitting on a bed. She is wearing a light blue hoodie and black pants. To her right, there is a dog lying on the bed. The room has a red wall behind the bed, and there is a framed picture of a cat above the bed. On the left side of the bed, there is a small round mirror on the wall and a bedside table with a lamp. The bedspread is pink and white with a floral pattern.

Filmmaker Andrew Abrahams on the New EDS Documentary ‘Complicated’

Chronic Pain Partners’ Karina Sturm was honored to speak with Andrew Abrahams, who has been directing the new Ehlers-Danlos documentary Complicated. Abrahams is an award-winning, two-time Academy Award-shortlisted producer/director of creative non-fiction films and the president of Open Eye Pictures. He is also a cinematographer and photographer. His documentary Under Our Skin, which highlights the […]

A screenshot from an Instagram account showing a man with a blue hospital gown and a infusion next to him, looking proud at a screen on a wall that says

Mitch Martow on his EDS journey and the documentary Bend or Break

For our January Chronic Pain Partners Post, journalist Karina Sturm spoke with Mitch Martow, an EDS advocate from Toronto, Canada. Martow is best known for being the focus of the 2021 released Canadian EDS documentary Bend or Break. In this interview, you’ll get close to Martow and his humorous side while he shares how he […]