My Wife Had EDS and Did Not Know IT! – 8th Year Anniversary

This website and its free programs are dedicated to the memory of Carol and thousands like her – who suffer from undiagnosed Ehlers-Danlos… 
We were married for 41 years.  You’d think that after all of that time you would know everything there was to know about a person.

–          I knew Carol was a loving person who would do anything she could for the kids and the family.

–          She was a social worker and very concerned about the comfort of others

–          She didn’t complain and didn’t want others to worry about her.

The symptoms started shortly after we were married in 1967.  Carol was a very energetic lady who had just graduated with honors and a master degree in guidance and counseling and she was anxious to start this new career. She also was somewhat a “perfectionist” who wanted to keep the house clean and organized … but started to develop some pains as a result of all of this. I remember we attended the Lamaze classes in 1969, when she was pregnant with our first daughter. The instructor commented at how “flexible” Carol seemed to be during the exercises. Our first daughter Deborah was 4 weeks premature and the second daughter Deanna was 7 weeks premature. We joked that if she got pregnant again we would have to carry around a basket to be ready for the next one.

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