Hypermobility Happy Hour Podcast interview with John Ferman

John Ferman EDS Awareness

John Ferman EDS Awareness

John Ferman President of Chronic Pain Partners 501 (c)(3) a.k.a. EDS Awareness was recently interviewed during a Hypermobility Happy Hour Podcast.

John discusses the many EDS educational events and programs that the EDS Awareness team has conducted since 2011 and future plans for EDS patient, Physician CME and Nursing CEU Educational programs.

Click here for the link to the Podcast audio broadcast.

– Listing and map of over 120 EDS Support Groups

– Over 90 EDS Educational webinars for patients and healthcare providers 

Results of the EDS Awareness World-Wide Survey – 2544 respondents

EDS Physician CME Educational Program

EDS Leadership program to educate new and existing EDS Leaders

Your guide to our EDS Awareness resources

Our family story “My wife had EDS and Did not know it”

EDS Nurses CNE Education Program 



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