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TOPIC: Results of the EDS Awareness World-Wide Survey

PRESENTERS: John Ferman and Deanna Hamm

John Ferman and Deanna Hamm (father and daughter) are co-founders of the EDS Awareness Program.

There were 2544 respondents to this World-Wide survey from 26 countries. The specific results were presented and discussed during this webinar.

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  • John Ferman and Deanna Hamm (father and daughter) are co-founders of the EDS Awareness Program.
  • They first introduced the EDS Awareness program at the 2012 EDNF conference and have been sponsors for these conferences for the last 4 years. Will be a conference sponsor in 2016.


The mission of EDS Awareness is to ensure greater understanding of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) by patients, the general public and within the medical community – in order to improve the quality of life for those affected by EDS – and those who care for them.

  • To assist and encourage support groups to organize and spread Knowledge about EDS in their local Communities.
  • To help EDSers locate valuable information, continue to learn,  and to share awareness materials with their EDS peers.
  • To educate patients, healthcare providers and the public about EDS through live webinars held twice a month.


  • Provided free tools and mentoring to help start 100+ EDS Local Support Groups world-wide… and growing
  • Host free EDS educational webinars 2x each month since 2013.  50+ webinars available at our EDS Awareness website


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4 thoughts on “Free Webinar – “Results of the EDS Awareness World-Wide Survey” – RECORDING AVAILABLE”

  1. I haven’t seen any information about Prolotherapy in your webinars. Is that a topic you’ve covered? I have an amazing doctor that I attribute to why I’m not in a wheelchair, still working and working out. He also has EDS. I’ve also done a lot of reading on stem cell therapy and the possibilities of it as a treatment. Thank you for your work & time!

    1. Emily Hartzog says:

      A webinar about Prolotherapy would definitely be interesting…

    2. AlohaDad says:

      My daughter and I have been using prolo for over 5 years now, with mixed results. We see short-term improvement, 3-6 months, especially in our shoulders and spine. But it does not last and leaves you with additional scar tissue that can hamper future surgical efforts. As with all therapeutic injections there can be wide variations in effectiveness based on the skills and philosophy of the doctor performing the injections.

  2. Kate Welch Martin says:

    My daughter has been doing prolotherapy for 2 years now….she has gone from crying all day laying on the couch with a hip that popped out of socket and every joint in her body causing pain to now doing life for the first time, she is 22. I am so glad we found it and it is working for her at least she has some relief from pain and hasn’t needed any pain medication in over a year now. By the way…her hip stopped popping out after the first treatment.

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