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TOPIC: “Living Life Again with Dignity Using Medical Marijuana”.

PRESENTER: Ellen Lenox Smith

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NOTE:  We recognize that this topic could be considered controversial since many US states have not legalized Marijuana.  Although we are not advocating the use of Medical Marijuana, we feel that this information may be important for you to make an informed decision in the future.  

About our speaker: Ellen Lenox Smith

Ellen Lenox Smith has emerged as a leading voice for patients in living with pain in her state of Rhode Island and across the country. Featured in local and national press accounts, Mrs. Smith brings a reasoned and compassionate perspective to the need for safe patient access to medicine and timely, accurate care. She has been featured in such places as the NY Times, NPR Radio, Washington Post, Pain Pathways and Arthritis Today Magazines and presented a workshop at the EDS conferences in 2013 and 2015.  This past year, she was asked to write about medical marijuana for Pain News Network.

Mrs. Smith suffers from two rare conditions. One is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This crippling disease allows her joints to become easily subluxed and occasionally dislocated, causing vice-like pain and confining her on and off to a wheelchair. She presently has endured twenty-two surgeries and countless visits to her doctors. In October, she will have her neck fused.

Her second condition is called sarcoidosis, which has allowed enlarged lymph nodes and granulomas in her lungs. Both these conditions are presently not curable.

Mrs. Smith has enjoyed a long and distinguished career, predominantly in the field of education. She taught social studies from 1989-2007. Mrs. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Springfield College and a middle school endorsement to teach SS and Science. Married to her husband for over 42 years, Mrs. Smith has devoted much of her recent time to advocacy.

She is a Rhode Island ambassador for both the US Pain Foundation and Arthritis Foundation, co-director of medical marijuana advocacy, on the board of the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition (RIPAC), Appointed by the governor to the ATEL Program, (Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program) and a volunteer for Marriage Equality Rhode Island. In 2006, she was accepted into the Connective Tissue Research at the National Institute of Health to help search for a cure to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

A proud mother of four adult children and two grandsons, Mrs. Smith is also an organic gardener, and prior to her disability was a master swimmer and high school swim coach. A member of the Bell Street Chapel Unitarian Church, Mrs. Smith is a resident of Scituate, Rhode Island.

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2 Responses to “Free Webinar: “Living Life Again with Dignity Using Medical Marijuana” – Recording Available”

  1. Kristi Martin says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I am starting to involve myself in a grassroots organization here in Nebraska for medicinal marijuana and would love some extra information on how you spread more awareness,actually get to the Legislature, help prepare a bill etc.

    And also, how I can get to NIH for all my weird ailments that nobody can figure out! They say I am a “medical enigma”. I am on SS, so I don’t have that much money to fly, stay in hotels etc.

    I can’t attend this webinar so maybe if you could email me, that would be wonderful!

    And I don’t need a Medical 101 or Politics 101 because I am a disabled RN and I’m very heavy into politics 🙂

    Kristi Martin

  2. Donna FFPCAN says:

    All pain patient organizations should join together. Raise funds and lobby for Pain Patients Bill of Rights to be reinstated in all states. We need doctors to not fear prescribing vital pain medication and for pharmacies to not fear filling their prescriptions. This opioid epidemic is false pertaining to legitimate patients.
    Addiction center, Andrew Kolondny created this gossip to fill the pockets of his a scam and it harming innocent people in a huge way!
    Whatever happens on street is not the legitimate patients. fault. That was a FL problem with pill mills. Basically an isolated incident with rogue doctors. Not a national problem. We need to stand together or were going to lose this fight!CDC is working in a biased fashion with Kolondy to hinder pain care. Join us at Fight For Pain Care Action Network-florida face book group. We have doctors, patients and caregivers from all states. We’re growing new state groups.

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