Kimby Maxson, a woman with curly brown hair is standing in a bright room with an orchid in the background.

Kimby Maxson And The Bendy Twisty Zebra: The Story Behind The Book

The story of Rose, a young girl zebra, is the heart of Kimby Maxson’s children’s book The Bendy Twisty Zebra. Rose, her friends, and the book’s encouraging message are all based on Kimby’s real-life experiences navigating the world of doctors, hospitals, and diagnoses for her daughter, Jade. Kimby, a massage therapist and bodywork specialist from […]

Two boys sitting in the grass reading a book.

Book Review: The Bendy Twisty Zebra by Kimby Maxson

Move over, Dr. Seuss! Make room on children’s bookshelves for The Bendy Twisty Zebra written by Kimby Maxson and illustration by Ron Houchens. With colorful characters, catchy rhymes, and a heart-felt message, The Bendy Twisty Zebra brings to mind some of Dr. Seuss’s famous books. While children of all ages (even grown-up children!) can enjoy […]