Brianne, a white woman in her mid-30s wearing black framed glasses and dark brown hair in a messy bun, sits perched on a high stool in a snowy yard holding a cane between her thighs while smiling at the camera with evergreen trees in the background. She’s wearing a light blue bathrobe and a pink scarf, and holds one bare hand up to wave at the camera.”

Chronic Illness Advocate Brianne Benness about her EDS journey and #NEISVoid

For our November newsletter, journalist Karina Sturm interviewed Brianne Benness, the host of No End In Sight, a podcast about life with chronic illness and a chronically ill person’s journey to diagnosis. She is a co-founder of Stories We Don’t Tell, where she talks about hypermobility, mast cell disorders, and recontextualizing old experiences using new […]