Dr. Francomano Video: Ehlers-Danlos’ Affect on Multiple Body Systems

Don’t miss these videos! Dr. Francomano, EDS expert, talks about Ehlers-Danlos as a multi-dimensional disorder that can profoundly affect quality-of-life.  She describes how EDS affects multiple body systems–musculoskeletal, neurological, dermatological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and immunological. She discusses pain, fatigue, autonomic dysfunction, and much more. Chiari, Fibromuscular Dysplasia, CVID, and Mast Cell Activation Disorder are also mentioned.

Be sure to watch all 6 presentations by EDS experts, including Dr. Henderson, Dr. Collins,  and more.  All the videos below have been updated on 11/12/2013 to include the presentation slides of each doctor. These may also be found on the TCAPP website. If you wish to Fast-Forward or Rewind while watching the videos, the following video formats will allow you to do so:

Click here to View ALL Videos from the 2013 TCAPP Conference.

Dr.  Francomano’s presentation appears below:

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