Dr. Collins Video: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’s Affect on Gastrointestinal Function

Dr. Heidi Collins, EDS expert and patient, talks about how Ehlers-Danlos affects digestion, nutrition, bowel function, and gut-related immune function. She indicates that gastrointestinal complications of EDS are common, potentially disabling, under-appreciated by clinicians, and well-documented in existing literature. Learn more from her very informative video presentation.

Be sure to watch all 6 presentations by EDS experts, including Dr. Henderson, Dr. Francomano,  and more.  All the videos below have been updated on 11/12/2013 to include the presentation slides of each doctor. These may also be found on the TCAPP websiteIf you wish to Fast-Forward or Rewind while watching the videos, the following video formats will allow you to do so:  

Click here to View ALL Videos from the 2013 TCAPP Conference.

Dr. Collins’ presentation appears below:

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1 thought on “Dr. Collins Video: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’s Affect on Gastrointestinal Function”

  1. Kim Lobban says:

    This is an outstanding lecture. If you know of a colorectal surgeon in western washington or an EDS physician, I would appreciate it. Finding anyone familiar with Connective disorder has been challenging.
    Thank you

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