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Our Chronic Pain Partners’ Team is collecting their favorite books, podcasts and films on EDS and its comorbid condition in a series of listicles you will find on our website over the next months. We have shared our favorite books in our special newsletter issue in May for EDS Awareness Month, as well as EDS and rare disease podcasts in another post. Now, we’ll continue with a list of podcasts about chronic illness and being a spoonie!

White text on black background: Invisible Not Broken

Invisible Not Broken

“Invisible Not Broken is our flagship show; it is a long-form interview podcast about the irreverent side of chronic illness & disability. This podcast aims to help build tribes, help educate the public, and help others be kinder and more gentle with each other. Each episode is sure to include some witty banter, some snark, some laughs, and some tough truths.”

Listen to Invisible Not Broken HERE

A photo of a man with tubes coming out of his upper body. He wears headphones and has his eyes covered. Text: Life in the Void

Life in the Void

“Living with ME/CFS and Long Covid and other Chronic Illness or Disability.  Follow me while I explore the challenges, the suffering, the darkness and the light while living with a chronic illness or disability.  Along the way I will share insights into how I survive, how I struggle, and how I STAY ALIVE.”

Listen to Life in the Void HERE

An illustration of a podcast microphone with purple text: My Chronic Illness And Me

My Chronic Illness and Me

“Living with a chronic illness can be an incredibly isolating experience. It can feel as though you’re navigating life — your illness itself, your experience with the medical system, communicating with your job and with loved ones — completely by yourself.

In this podcast, Katie, a coach who works with people living with chronic illness and who lives with a chronic illness herself, talks to people about their illnesses & conditions, their experiences, and their lives. 

The purpose is to share stories and help us all feel more seen, heard, and connected. Welcome to the community!”

Listen to My Chronic Illness and Me HERE

Audio waves and text: My Spoonie Sisters

My Spoonie Sisters

“My Spoonie Sisters features stories from special guests dedicated to empowering those with chronic illnesses. We share stories, discussing everything from Rheumatoid Arthritis to anxiety and sex therapy. Our goal? To connect people and provide the support and tools they need to live a better life. For those with a chronic illness, our energy levels fade faster. We must be more purposeful with the “spoons” allotted to us. Grab your coffee, sister, and tune in as my Spoonie Sisters share stories of living with chronic illness.”

Listen to My Spoonie Sisters HERE

An illustration of a sign saying No end in sight

No End in Sight

“Brianne talks to friends and strangers about their experiences managing their health, seeking a diagnosis, and building a life with chronic illness.”

Listen to No End in Sight HERE

The image shows a podcast cover featuring a man with a bald head and a short beard, wearing large headphones and a checkered shirt. The text on the cover reads "Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary." The background appears to be a soundproofed wall, typical of a recording studio.

Out of Patient

“Out of Patients is a no-BS podcast about making healthcare suck less for everyone. Join award-winning host Matthew Zachary each week as he and his guests sardonically deconstruct all the shenanigans in terms normal humans can understand, along with a healthy dose of 80s nostalgia and random pop culture references. So strap in, and let’s all make the system less horrible; because advocacy is the only thing that’s ever changed anything.”

Listen to Out of Patient HERE

The image shows a podcast cover titled "The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard." The title is written in large pink and white letters on a dark background. Below the title, there is a photo of a woman with long dark hair, wearing a pink tank top that says "Strength." She is smiling and raising both of her arms triumphantly. The background of the photo appears to be an outdoor setting with trees and a sunset.

The Chronically Courages

“The Chronically Courageous, where chronic illness warriors come to feel empowered and uplifted.  Listen each week to be inspired by others who have found happiness and peace, despite the physical and emotional tolls of chronic illness. Together, we navigate this complex journey and move forward with courage, passion, and purpose!”

Listen to The Chronically Courages HERE

The image shows a podcast cover. The podcast is titled "Invisible Condition" and features Tim Reitsma. The background is light blue, and there is a yellow hand graphic reaching down from the top right corner. Tim Reitsma is smiling and looking directly at the camera. The text on the cover reads: INVISIBLE CONDITION Podcast with me, Tim Reitsma

The Invisible Condition Podcast

What’s your normal?

We are ending the stigma of invisible conditions, chronic illness, disabilities and diseases one story at a time.
The Invisible podcast exists to elevate voices, educate others, and encourage people to get curious. To end the stigma, we share openly, vulnerably, and intentionally.

Listen to The Invisible Condition Podcast HERE

An illustration of three spoons in a purple circle. Text: Spoonie Authors Podcast

The Spoonie Authors Podcast

“The Spoonie Authors Podcast explores the life and stories of a different disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent, hard of hearing, or mentally ill author each week. This podcast is brought to you by the Spoonie Authors Network, a collective dedicated to publishing and sharing the experiences of disabled authors.”

Listen to the Spoonie Authors Podcast HERE

Podcast cover image. The podcast is called "The Spoonie Podcast" with Emily Fraser. The cover features a photo of a woman with long dark hair and glasses, smiling. The background of the cover is a light teal color.

The Spoonie Podcast

“This show is full of inspiration and advice for anyone struggling with chronic pain and/or fatigue. Listen as host Emily Fraser shares her journey learning to thrive with multiple chronic illnesses.”

Listen to the Spoonie Podcast HERE

The image being displayed is a cover for a podcast titled "unfixed PODCAST." The cover features a person’s face, with the right side of the face appearing pixelated or fragmented.


“The chronic illness community often talks to each other, but in this show we open the dialogue… exploring adversity through different walks of life to recognize our shared humanness. These intimate conversations are between people who are creatively contending with diverse challenges. One person has a chronic health condition… because they’re often experts in facing the hard stuff. The other person is a professional working within a relevant field or facing their own, unique battle. Each episode is an invitation to lean into curiosity and compassion while recognizing that we can live powerful lives despite – or sometimes because of – our circumstances.”

Listen to the Unfixed Podcast HERE

This is a community-centered list. We have not listened to all podcasts but are sharing all resources we think may be helpful for our community in an alphabetical manner. Let us know in the comments whether you found one of our recommendations helpful or not and if you have further resources we should add. 

Karina Sturm

July 2024

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