Play it Forward: Contribute to the EDS Community Playlist on Spotify This May!

Let’s make a mixtape on a mission to elevate the noise level for EDS awareness to make waves that foster change for the EDS community. 

Music has the power to heal, to connect, and to inspire. This May, as we observe Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Awareness Month, Chronic Pain Partners is thrilled to announce our latest initiative – the Care-e-oke campaign in partnership with EDS S.H.A.R.E. Through the universal language of music, this innovative project aims to bring together those who suffer from EDS and chronic pain while also raising much-needed funds to support our ongoing volunteer work serving the community.

This May, we’re turning up the volume with our exciting community effort to soothe the savage EDS beast. It’s not just about raising awareness; it’s about creating a symphony of support and strength for those living with EDS and chronic illnesses.

Care-e-oke is an invitation for both the patient and provider communities to harmonize their experiences through music. Instead of singing or performing, we’re curating a global community EDS playlist soundtrack on Spotify to Play It Forward. Join by contributing your favorite fight song to create a shared playlist filled with songs that make a movement.

How to Add Your Fight Song

  1. Select Your Song: Search Spotify (free or paid accounts- you might need to set up first) to select a track that echoes your story or lifts your spirit. 
  2. Find our playlist: Search for “EDS Care-e-oke Playlist 2024” on Spotify. Be sure to save it for a bad day.
  3. Contribute Your Tune: Use the ‘Edit Playlist’ feature to add your song by clicking on the three dots next to the song title to add it to a playlist. Search and select the “EDS Care-e-oke Playlist 2024” to add your song. If you’re new to Spotify, you might need to create a free account first. You’ll be able to listen to the curated list for free too!
  4. Share on Social Media: Let the world know about our community playlist! Post on your favorite platforms using #Care-e-Oke sharing this link: and tell us why you chose this song and encourage others to participate.

Sample post:
“I #Care-e-oke for someone with EDS. Hear our voices” 

Why Join the Care-e-oke Party?

  • Play It Forward:  A way that’s simple, doable and spreads a harmony of healing for all.
  • Elevate Awareness: Every song is a new note in the melody of EDS awareness.
  • Unite Through Music: Connect with others worldwide through the universal language of music and empowerment.
  • Empower and Inspire: Your song choice could be the anthem someone else needs to hear.

Let’s make this May a month of musical solidarity. Join the EDS Care-e-oke Playlist and be part of a community that sings in unison against EDS and chronic illness challenges. Your song could be the beacon of hope for someone in our community.

Join Care-e-oke and Play it Forward!


Learn more:

T-shirt fundraiser benefiting Chronic Pain Partners:

EDS Community Playlist:

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