EDS Physical Therapy Book & Free Webinar: “Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome”

Dr Muldowney book coverBe sure to check out these RESOURCES related to Kevin Muldowney’s new EDS Physical Therapy book:

In July 2015, Kevin Muldowney, MSPT published a book for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome entitled, “Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.”
FREE WEBINAR: Watch Kevin’s video presentation about his PT protocol and book. View his presentation slides.

His book outlines what a person with EDS needs to do in order to live a better life with less pain. Kevin has been treating people with EDS since 2005 and focuses his treatment on manual therapy and exercise to stabilize the many subluxations/dislocations associated with this genetic disorder. Following his plan will allow you to be more functional and in less pain. Good luck with your journey to living life to the fullest!


The book is available at:  Amazon.com
For every purchase made through this link, $1.00 will support the free EDS Awareness programs.


 Refer to the Muldowney Physical Therapy website for additional information about EDS.


facebook-page-logoAn official Facebook page has been launched for support of patients using Kevin Muldowney’s new EDS physical therapy book.  Find it on Facebook under the name “Living Life to the Fullest With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome“. Post any questions regarding the book on his Facebook page and Kevin would be happy to answer them.


This Book Summary below describes how you and your physical therapist can use the book together for your treatment:

The book is 400 pages long: 200 pages written for the physical therapist and 200 pages written for the EDS patient. It is hardcover, so pages will stay open while doing exercises.

Section One of the book will discuss what causes joint pain in the EDS population.  It also addresses what other healthcare professionals will be needed to help manage problems that the patient with EDS may face that are not handled by a physical therapist.  This book provides extensive information regarding evaluation and treatment of these complex patients for a physical therapist who does not have experience treating this population.

Sections Two, Three and Four of the book will systematically explain how each joint in the body is affected by EDS.  Specific exercises used to help stabilize each joint will be outlined.  These three sections will have in depth instructions about your home exercise program as you go through this protocol.  I have also included a section for each exercise, explaining what a physical therapist should pay attention to while the patient  performs each exercise to ensure proper technique, avoid injury and maximize results with each exercise.

Section Five begins the functional training needed for a person with EDS to live life to the fullest.  This section will focus on twisting, walking on uneven terrain and throwing.  Achieving these goals will make many activities possible that this population may have thought they could never perform again.  Life is more than just surviving.  Life is those enjoyable moments you share with your family and friends without worrying that you will be in terrible pain the following day.  This section works on achieving these goals.  At the end of the Muldowney exercise protocol outlined in this book, you should have less pain and better understanding how to help yourself.

“This book is dedicated to all of my patients with EDS who had faith in me and allowed me to work with them to develop this treatment protocol.  Their trust in me and willingness to help the greater EDS population is the only way this protocol could have ever been developed.”

Kevin Muldowney, MSPT 


Testimonials from Kevin’s patients:

“As most everyone else who has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I have spent many doctor and physical therapy appointments being the one who had to educate the very person I had been referred to, had looked to, for help and answers – only to be disappointed when they had nothing to offer me.  When I was first referred to Muldowney Physical Therapy, I was expecting the same thing to happen – I would be the educator, and not much would be offered in the way of help. With Kevin, not only was help offered, but – more importantly – HOPE.  As one who hates exercising, because it has always meant an increase in pain and mobility problems in the past, I have found the protocol very “do-able” because of the slow, steady pace.  Following Kevin’s exercise protocol has brought my chronic pain level down to a 1/10, which I have not experienced for decades.  It has also given me a step-by-step planned guide to build up my strength and it has helped me deal with my setbacks when falls and problems occur. Now, instead of Ehlers-Danlos having a grip on me and my life with a steady decline and no relief to expect for my future, I can live my life with strength and hope as a person who just happens to also have EDS. Thanks, Kevin!”

“Many EDS patients have encountered healthcare professionals who dismissed their symptoms, offered ineffectual (or even harmful) treatments, or simply gave up on them.  I was one of those EDS patients.  I was fortunate to find physical therapist Kevin Muldowney.  Kevin’s compassion, persistence, and analytical mind drove him to understand EDS and look for better ways to treat people who have EDS.  In doing so, Kevin has re-defined the standard of care EDS patients can expect from physical therapists.  Using his profound knowledge of biomechanics, Kevin has systematically tested and tweaked protocol and exercise routines for his EDS patients and designed a treatment program tailored to our needs.  The program’s consistent end-results are joint stabilization, reduced pain, fewer physical limitations, and better quality of life.  Kevin’s protocol allowed me to re-take control of my life and regain my ability to do the little things I love to do.  I hope Kevin’s book will help your physical therapist do similar things for you.”



About Muldowney Physical Therapy

Muldowney Physical Therapy is a family owned outpatient clinic that focuses on high quality individual care in a relaxing environment.   We train all of our therapists with advanced manual techniques.  Our therapists have 30-50% more one-on-one time with their patients than the standard average in Rhode Island.  All of our therapists use advanced techniques in private treatment rooms as well as evidence-based practice to help you decrease your pain and increase your quality of life.  We work closely with our patients to educate you about your pain and how to control it.  Our physical therapists teach you self correction techniques which you can use at home to help you decrease your pain every day.  We believe that a patient who understands why they have pain gets better more quickly.  Come try our facility and become part of the Muldowney Physical Therapy family.

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13 thoughts on “EDS Physical Therapy Book & Free Webinar: “Living Life to the Fullest with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome””

  1. It’s a great and needed thing. But it’s $70. And not available as an ebook. And we’d need our own copy and at least one copy for therapists. I’m currently working with a hypermobility knowledgable PT and a Pilates instructor who is specializing in MS and EDS. It would have been great to add this to the mix. But very few of us will be able to afford to…

    1. Lenora says:

      Same thing here – it’s way too expensive right now for us. I wish I could get it.

      1. Sha'na says:

        . I am a veteran with eds .way more than I can afford. I would love a copy for me, my family practice Dr, pt, internal med Dr. And a few copy’s for the naval hospital library. For over 10 years they told me it was my imagination. They need education bad

    2. Hansi says:

      I agree. I would have LOVED to have purchased the book. I am NOT working. I want to very bad but at this time $70 is completely out of the question. Even if I had a job $70 is more than I paid for some text books in college. I am even unable to afford to work with someone in PT or with a gym. I would be so thankful to just be able to get the information at home to help myself. It is sad that this information is out of reach, cost wise, to the people who need it so desperately.

  2. Dana says:

    I am very excited to read this book and put the content into practice. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for but haven’t found. I know that regular training with a personal trainer only developed the big muscles, and without the smaller muscles developed to support the joints, I ended up in a much worse state. I looked fit, but was in terrible pain. Now my exercising is hiking and I can feel my knees moving in two different directions due to the lack of stabilization. I ordered the book and can’t wait to learn the PT exercises that will help stabilize my knee joint and so many others. One small hike and a little bit of work in the garden and I am in significant pain the next day. I hope this can change things for me! Thank you Kevin Muldowney for writing this. I can’t wait to receive my copy from Amazon!

    1. admin says:

      Be sure to use the book under the guidance of your physical therapist. Good luck!

  3. cynthia says:

    I received my book last week, scanned the exercise section which frankly scared me, then read through the first section, which greatly relieved me. The next day I brought it to my OT who is anxious to help me and now has the book in her possession. I am lucky to have a really good clinic here in Spokane, with highly skilled PT’s and OT’s that practice strain counterstrain, craniosacral, myofascial release, feldenkrais, etc. But exercise has not progressed well. My SIJ doesn’t hold for more than an hour and now I understand why. We’ve been unwinding the tension in my whole body without being able to exercise them. Last week, we skipped that and she worked on other things instead to calm down the vagus nerve and my whole parasympathetic system. She did a minute amount of work on me to realign my SIJ and then I did the first hold. I had a stable SIJ for three days before it began slipping. I’m feeling hopeful now.
    Oh, and we love the large print and the easy format!

  4. I got a copy of the book. It is an easy read. I appreciate the larger print since many people with EDS have myopia. The price is steep. We need this book published as an eBook because many of us do not have the strength to hold such a heavy book, or we injure ourselves, holding a book for a long time. Once we can hold it, we can benefit from it, and then hopefully, in the end, we are able to hold the hard cover copy!

  5. Sunny says:

    From what I’ve read, this book is published in large print and “easy to read” (which usually means “basic info”. I am near bedridden with CFS, FM and EDS. I live by receiving disability insurance, as do many other sufferers from any of these diseases.
    I agree with others that price of receiving help via this book is reprehensible.

  6. Channah says:

    I just ordered this book and look forward to getting it. Recently I have experienced severe headaches at the base of the neck and my Chiropractor sent me over to their PT. Two weeks later I hurt worse, headaches abated some, other cross fascia problems popped up. Yes, the cost is a bit much. But I have learned after 60 yrs of medical bills and pain as a partner. You figure out how to make it work. In my case, I decided to take one less trip in my car, give up a few ‘favorite’ foods and absolutely no ‘non essentials’. We live on one income, and I am allergic to just about every med. So, after watching the Webineer again this a.m. I decided it’s time. Pain is Pain, and it needs to get kicked out. I plan to ask my grown children to chip in on the bill. I don’t care how much they donate to the cost. It will save them farther down the road a whole lot more. We are the driver’s of our own bodies.

  7. Carol Hawkins says:

    Does Kevin offer help for hand pain?

    1. admin says:

      Kevin does address hand pain.

  8. Physical therapy ranks in the top 3 of all occupations for being most enjoyable. It is also ranked highest in job satisfaction and the feeling of actually helping others while have a high salary. Only requires 2.5 years of grad school which is much shorter than an of the other medical fields that only make slightly more. Always on the move and never setting behind a desk all day. So many positives.

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