Face-down “Breathe EASY” pillow

 A face-cradle style pillow with airflow channels



EDSer Comments:

– I turned my bed into a massage table by using this pillow as a face cradle. The hypermobility in my neck prevents me from laying with my head to the side. I like how this pillow holds my head straight, and I can breathe without any effort.

– Sometimes facedown is the only comfortable position to lay due to my EDS. Now, I am able to breathe better in this position. The pillow has “rabbit ears” that can be positioned under your chest or shoulders to keep you in alignment.

– This pillow allows me to sleep facedown without twisting my neck and body. If I place it on my desk, I can lean forward to rest my head and neck. Plus, there are 12 other positions to experiment with! I can’t wait to try it for tanning when the warm weather returns.

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**ALL proceeds go to help local EDS support groups and www.EDSawareness.com when you order from these links to our webstore at www.bodysupportstore.com

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