An EDS Research Database for our German Doctors

To: John Ferman – President  Chronic Pain Partners

Thank you for the amazing work you are doing. It is exciting to hear about the great success of the EDS Physician CME program and the planned CEU program!

We are creating a research database for our German doctors with publications and information on Ehlers-Danlos syndromes. Only physicians with a secure password have access to this research database. We would like to include some of the presentations (pdf documents) which you make available on your website in our research database.

At the moment, our resources are quite limited and the platform we are using is an internal platform of the medical scientific advisory board of the DeutscheEhlers-Danlos Initiative e.V. – unfortunately, it wouldn’t be practicable to open the platform to a broader audience.

We have collected 300 publications (mostly open access), tried to organize them according to medical field and we strive to update this information continually. We would like to include pdf presentations in order to provide more information and in order to inspire German doctors to network internationally.

In the future, wewould also like to include links to educational videos, the webinars on your website etc., but we will have to take it one step at a time since we only have limited manpower.

We would like to forward the information about the CME program to German doctors; thank you for the information!

Many Greetings from Germany

Thank you


B. Brossart, M. Leinen, S. Obermaier und A. Restin

Koordination medizinisch-wissenschaftlicher Beirat

Deutsche Ehlers-Danlos-Initiative e.V. 

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