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Folate-Dependent Hypermobility: Researchers at Tulane’s EDS Clinic Look Into New Possible Mechanism For Hypermobile EDS

Posted on April 25, 2023

A recent publication by scientists at Tulane University’s EDS clinic proposes a possible new mechanism behind hypermobility: folate dependency. The researchers hypothesize that MTHFR mutations may lead or contribute to a form of hypermobile EDS and present a treatment with 5-methyltetrahydrofolate to improve the patient’s symptoms.  Tulane’s EDS Clinic Two years ago, Tulane University’s EDS […]

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Folate-dependent Hypermobility: Discussing Tulane’s Recent Paper With Their Scientists

Posted on April 24, 2023

A recent publication by researchers at Tulane University hypothesizes MTHFR mutations lead to folate deficiency, resulting in hypermobility. The researchers also propose these mutations may cause or contribute to a form of hypermobile EDS. Journalist Karina Sturm spoke with Jacques Courseault, physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine doctor at Tulane’s Hypermobility and EDS clinic, […]

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