Swivel-Wheel Folding Carts

Cart for grocery shopping, laundry and easy-carrying

$49-55 (See photos below)

EDSer comments:

– My physical therapist told me to avoid torque on my hypermobile joints. When I described the wrist and shoulder pain I have when grocery shopping, he said that steering the grocery shopping cart was a big contributor. I thought it was only from repetitive lifting. My new portable shopping cart is almost effortless to steer, which has reduced my pain significantly. I also use it to push items within my house, and to bring things in from my car.

– I use the “baby stroller” style for my grocery shopping because it is very compact and lightweight to slip into my car. It folds in an accordion style (like many camping chairs that slip into a sack). It also is extremely easy to steer. For easy access, you can loop your purse strap or grocery sacks around the individual handles, and even with this extra weight, it has never tipped on me. Pretty impressive for such a lightweight cart!

– The swivel wheel cart is great to use at work. I’m a music therapist and I work at several locations. I have been looking for a way to carry my instruments and music binders with less EDS pain. My choices were to make 10 trips to the car, carrying one item at a time – or use a cart. With the cart, I can load all my items in one trip (gravity helps to place them in the cart), then I can push them easily to my destination. Once I arrive, I often get help from my students to unload the items. This helps me conserve my energy and reduce my EDS pain flareups.


For product descriptions and ordering information for this cart:

Click Here to view “baby stroller” cart.        












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