TV News Report: Ehlers-Danlos Leads to Bogus Child Abuse Allegations – Watch Videos

All charges were finally dismissed after false child abuse allegations kept Andrew Huber separated from his daughter for nine months. She has been diagnosed with EDS.

Watch the videos below to hear about the family’s ordeal.  Similar articles appeared on Yahoo Shine and in the news.

Watch them on the  Katie Couric Show  which aired on Dec. 10, 2013.

Click here to view the TV segment on Good Morning America 

Click here to see the ORIGINAL REPORT video  (We realize there are factual errors.)

Click here for the RECENT FOLLOW-UP video to this court case (We appreciate many corrections made by the TV station.)

Click here to view the Yahoo article (We realize there are factual errors, but have been unable to contact the author.)


EDSers, this is a great opportunity for awareness to the public!  Please add your awareness COMMENTS on the TV stations’ websites. Follow the links above. Then page down to the comments section.  (In the original news reports, we realize there are many factual errors – but please be kind in your corrections, not critical. Kind words are well-received.)
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The original story appeared on their Texas local TV station. We appreciate Channel 8’s  follow-up report – including corrections to misinformation in the original report. Ehlers-Danlos is a Connective Tissue Disorder, not a bone disease. Although bone fractures can be associated, they are not the most common symptom of EDS. Bria Huber’s symptoms are actually more typical of an EDS sufferer (compared to her daughter’s bone fractures).  The mother says, “I had all these crazy symptoms throughout my life,” she says. “I can dislocate any joint in my body.”  Learn more about EDS symptoms under the “About EDS” section on this website.

Original News Report by  JANET ST. JAMES, WFAA channel 8

DALLAS — “Precious time with his baby girl is limited to just two hours a week, or less, for Andrew Huber.

Andrew isn’t allowed anywhere near his daughter, Kenley, without court-appointed supervision. Doctors believe he is a child abuser.

Suspicions began when Kenley was three months old. Andrew said he heard a “pop” during a routine diaper change. He rushed to Children’s Medical Center as a precaution.

X-rays revealed “multiple fractures.” Doctors ruled them “non-accidental injury” and diagnosed “suspected physical abuse of a child.”    STORY CONTINUED”… Click here to see the ORIGINAL REPORT video

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2 thoughts on “TV News Report: Ehlers-Danlos Leads to Bogus Child Abuse Allegations – Watch Videos”

  1. Joseph Amon says:

    Hello I have EDS and here are my comments. As mentioned before EDS effects different aspects of the body. I’ve never suffered any fractures or dislocations however I suffer from extreme exhaustion and joint pain, having a high degree of flexibility in my fingers and other small joints. I’m currently trying very hard to get disability insurance but it is an uphill struggle because I don’t fit the “pattern” of “normal” EDS. My heart breaks whenever I see the videos of other people who suffer from this disability. Please spread awareness of this crippling problem as much as possible! God bless you!

  2. Mae Peter says:

    I am writing to you in need of your help and expertise. My family is living a nightmare at the moment. Our twins were removed from our custody in May due to “multiple unexplained fractures” and my husband and I have been accused of child abuse. We initially took our son in to see his pediatrician after his left arm was just hanging by his side without movement. She suspected nursemaids elbow and maneuvered his arm to try and place it back into place when he suddenly screamed out in pain. She then ordered an x ray which showed a spiral fracture. We were sent to a Boston hospital where more tests were done on him and his twin sister and we were told the results showed “multiple fractures in various stages of healing”. Since then the children have been placed in the care of family, my husband and I have jumped through hoops with the Department of Children and Families and gained back full time visitation with our children as long as a family member is in the home. There is a grand jury investigation open on potential charges. We are in desperate need of help from an expert dealing with conditions that are commonly mistaken for child abuse. We have reached out to local geneticists and have received no help. We know we did not abuse our children and believe there is an underlying condition. We have not been provided any medical records, X-rays, bone scans, etc from the hospital that diagnosed our children so it has been difficult for us to go elsewhere for a second opinion. Our hopes are that you may be able to help us with your expertise or be able to point us in the right direction either with a national contact or someone in our local area. My best contact is

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