EDS: In Your Head?

Brittany (and her support group) has entered a short film contest to raise awareness of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Mental Health.  They are now FINALISTS! To support the effort, please share, watch and re-watch this video through July 7!

If  they win, they will receive a $2,000 grant to make a longer film on EDS and Mental Health, which would be amazing for the EDS community! Their entry would also be used in the credits of a film on mental health called “The Videoblogs”!

Brittany is the leader of our Inland Northwest EDS Support Group.  We congratulate her for “speaking out” and spreading awareness of the physical and mental stressors associated with EDS.

Brittany says, “I have struggled with a chronic pain condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as well as with anxiety and depression my whole life, though I wasn’t properly diagnosed until I was 21… EDS and it’s comorbidities are poorly understood and it is very isolating…. I have chosen to take a forward role in the chronic illness community, running a support group, and I see that every other person who has a chronic illness struggles with anxiety and depression on some level… I made this video to speak up for every person who struggles every day to get up and fight this never ending battle.”

Please, watch, share, repeat as much as you can!!



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