EDS Awareness Speaker Series – The Evolution of Genetic Diagnosis – Recording Available

EDS Awareness invites you to watch this FREE webinar recording!

Our presenter for November 20th was  Stephanie Gandomi, MS, CGC, LGC

She is a Licensed Genetic Counselor

Her topic was:

The Evolution of Genetic Diagnosis and Why This Matters In Patient Care!”

The recording of this presentation is now available at the following link:

 Click here to view the recording for this session

Note. There was a problem with the first 12 minutes. Please fast forward to the 12 minute marker. This is where the Mrs. Gandomi starts her session.

We appreciate your Likes and Comments

  • Karen

    I’m confused. We call in and it’s transmitted through the phone call? This call in to connect by phone process is new for me so could you explain how to watch this on a computer? Thanks

    • admin


      I assume you clicked on the “link” first?


      – Click “Enter as a guest”
      – Enter name and email
      – Enter your phone number
      – Click “call my phone”
      You should then receive a phone call and be connected, on the web, to the site.
      Did that work for you?

  • Izzy

    Is there any link to see this webnar?


  • Skip

    Thanks for the series. But I have to agree with the first question. Why do we need to sign in on the sitecw/ all our info AND THEN receive a phone call phone and also watch on the web? I appreciate the series, but can’t we just sign-in on the site and watch this live as a 100% web-based presentation on the night of the broadcast instead?

    Even live, this is done all of the time. Much easier than the whole phone call thing. I am curious why the series is being handled this way. Would you mind explaining this?

    Also, is any of our info being shared, etc.? I assume not…

    And, whom do we thank for sponsoring this series and the site? Such a nice thing to do. Appreciate the speakers. Thanks so much. S

    • admin


      Thanks for your comment and appreciation for our program.

      We are using a webinare application from “Globalmeet.com”. This application requires the sign in and phone connection. We do NOT store or share your information.
      One advantage of the phone connection is that you can dial *0 if you have any technical issue during the call. A technician will come on and help you with the issue. Also the application is set up to allow international callers to have their own local phone number to call.
      The sponsor, for this program, is an internet store focused on products for those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other disabilities.


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