Webinar: “Anatomy and SilverRing™ Splints for Ehlers-Danlos Hands”

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TOPIC: “Anatomy and SilverRing™ Splints for Ehlers-Danlos Hands”

PRESENTERS: Jesse Garris and Karen Foulks, OTR/CHT

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About our speakers:

Karen Foulks

Karen Foulks, OTR/CHT

– Karen received her occupational therapy degree from Indiana University in 1992. She worked three years in a burn center before obtaining her certification in hand therapy in 1997.

– Her training as a hand therapist was obtained at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center (noted for their treatment manual used as the gold standard for quick, comprehensive upper extremity therapy protocol, referenced in clinics worldwide.)

– In 2011, she developed a hand therapy clinic in Columbus, Ohio and began mentoring under Cindy Garris OT, Inventor and founder of SilverRing™ Splint Company.

– Karen has been evaluating and measuring EDS patients for the past 4 EDNF conferences; addressing all levels of EDS symptom management of the hand and wrist.

– She also has first-hand experience wearing a SilverRing MCP thumb splint for the past 20 years.

– She now resides in Des Moines, Iowa and holds current occupational therapy licensures in IA, OH and TX.

JesseGarrisJesse Garris, General Manager

– Jesse received a BA from the University of Virginia in 2004.

– He has worked in design, fabrication and customer support at SilverRing™ Splint Company while learning all aspects of business.

– In 2009, he became the General Manager at SilverRing™ Splint Company where he oversees the team of fabricators as well as directing the office support staff.

– Jesse works directly with therapists to solve unique hand problems through custom splint designs.

– He has evaluated and measured patients at 6 EDNF conferences, and travels frequently to educate medical professionals about SilverRing™ Splints.


Silver Ring Splint Company

silver ring splint company logoIn 1985, occupational therapist and RA patient, Cynthia Garris set out to design and manufacture a new series of splints that were both more effective and far more attractive than the splints then in use. In the process, she revolutionized every aspect of splint therapy.

With SIRIS™ Splints, patients stop worrying about the appearance of their hands. They willingly wear the splints that their doctor recommends and for the first time ever, they begin to feel better about needing splints.


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