Move U Interview with EDS Awareness’ Andrea Julian

Andrea Julian, along with Amanda Bell, ventured up to Chicago to interview Andrew and Kate of  Move U, in October 2018.  Move U is an international phenom, that has created a program to help clients develop a strong, stable, balanced body to minimize pain and neurological complications caused by posture dysfunctions. The people behind Move U, Andrew, Kate and Mike are dedicated to helping people live a pain free life without the use of narcotics and surgical intervention.  Andrew and Kate understand this very well as they are both diagnosed with Hypermobile EDS.

Many Zebras have already figured out that functional movement, corrective exercise, yoga, pilates etc is very beneficial to the way we move and feel, emotionally and physically.  As a Functional Trainer herself, Andrea feels this information is a crucial key in anyone’s chronic illness journey, not just EDS patients.  She is very excited to share this information with you and hopes you find as much encouragement through this interview as she and Amanda did.

I’m having trouble getting the video to embed on the page.. For the mean time, here is a link to the original video that aired on our Facebook page!

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