About London ON EDS Support Group

We are forming a new EDS Support Group in London ON. We will have regular monthly meetings and social gatherings. All are welcome (  weather you are just wanting to learn more, a family member,medical staff, students, etc ) We understand that EDSers have have our good days and bad days. Even if you cannot attend the meetings regularly, we can still communicate through our web pages.

What to expect:

You will discover a group of friends who TRULY relate to what you are experiencing. Our meetings will very informative – as we share knowledge, advice and experience with one another. You will find yourself at ease – like gabbing a coffee with an old friend. No judgement. You may even discover that many of your EDS challenges are common to us all. If you feel misunderstood in everyday life – you may be surprised at how “normal” you feel here. Come with the expectation of giving and receiving empathy and compassion. EDS Friends help each other tackle our EDS challenges & have a strong desire to increase awareness of EDS in our community.



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