About Georgia EDS and Hypermobility Network

Our goal is to provide regular social support and information to all people with EDS and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, their caregivers, and friends throughout the state of Georgia. Currently, we have over 750 members!

To the Georgia EDS and Hypermobility Support Group, click on “Join this Support Group.” We have regular monthly meetings in-person and social gatherings giving all of our members a sense of community and belonging. Daily support is available through our private Facebook Group, which also holds all details about events and meetings, a list of area doctors, and other publications and references recommended by fellow members. We are reaching out to new members, their family and caregivers.

We understand that people with EDS and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders have our good days and our bad days and that our members live throughout the state. Even if you cannot attend the meetings in person or make them regularly, you are still part of our community and can communicate through our local integrated support online.

Our Georgia Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome community was originally formed in July 2014 following the EDNF Conference in Houston, TX.

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