EDS Friends of EDS Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland EDS and POTS group has regular monthly meetings and additional social get-togethers. Our Support Group was formed in 2011 and has grown to more than 150 members. We have many options to communicate and get together, contact us for information about our Facebook group and activities.

EDS awareness booth Clevelanders CROP

What to expect: You will discover a group of friends who TRUELY relate to what you are experiencing. Our meetings are very informative - as we share valuable knowledge, advice and experiences with each other. We are a positive, supportive group where you will feel at ease - like having coffee with a close friend. No judgement here. You may discover that many of your EDS challenges are common to us all. If you feel misunderstood in everyday life - you may be surprised at how "normal" you feel here. Come with the expectation of giving and receiving empathy and compassion. Through participation, you will feel refresh and rejuvenated. EDS Friends help each other tackle our EDS challenges & have a strong desire to increase awareness of EDS in our community.

We understand that EDSers have our good days and our bad days, so we have many options to communicate and get together. Use the "contact us" button to ask us about our Facebook page and local activities. Join us at our next meeting! View our Schedule of Meetings and Activities

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