Webinar: “How can Pilates help with my EDS Symptoms?”

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Jeannie Di Bon

Jeannie Di Bon

TOPIC: How can Pilates help with my EDS Symptoms?


Jeannie Di Bon is a Pilates and rehabilitation teacher, author of the book Pilates Without Tears and founder of the London-based studio Create Pilates. 

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About our speaker: Jeannie Di Bon. MA, PMA-CPT

  • Jeannie Di Bon is a Pilates and rehabilitation teacher in the UK.
  • She is author of the book   Pilates Without Tears.
  • Jeannie Di Bon founded the London-based studio Create Pilates.
  • She has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and has trained with internationally renowned organizations Polestar Pilates and Body Control Pilates.
  • Jeannie DI Bon is a certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).
  • Her areas of expertise are rehabilitation from injury and illness, chronic pain management and hypermobility syndrome and EDS.
  • Being hypermobile herself, she was drawn to the field and now has a large client base with hypermobility and EDS.
  • Through working on her own body and with her clients, she has devised a structured Pilates-based program called “Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core.”
  • She is a certified Health Coach

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