New Feature-Length Ehlers-Danlos Documentary ’We Are Visible’

Karina Sturm

Karina Sturm

New Feature-Length Ehlers-Danlos Documentary

’We Are Visible’

We are inviting the Ehlers-Danlos community to an exclusive screening of Karina Sturm’s  feature-length film ’We Are Visible,’ which shows a variety of people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions all around the globe.


’We Are Visible’ – Short Summary:

The Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are a group of rare connective tissue disorders that can affect every part of the body. And EDS is an invisible illness, just like many other chronic conditions. People living with EDS may be severely disabled, but the people around them can’t see their disability, which leads to a common misconception: How can you be sick and disabled if you look perfectly fine? ’We Are Visible’ will show seven stories including people of all ages (5 – 60 years old), from six different countries with diverse backgrounds, who are all differently affected by this invisible condition. They will share their challenges, fights, and fears, but also their achievements, hopes, and triumphs.  Today, We Are Visible!


More information about upcoming screening of this film:


Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3:


About the filmmaker:

Karina Sturm

Karina Sturm

Karina grew up in Germany but currently lives in San Francisco, CA. After finishing school, she has worked in the medical field for eight years. As a laboratory technician, she worked in a German research facility with a focus on biotechnology. In 2010, she developed symptoms related to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and comorbid conditions and was unable to continue her research. She soon found her passion for writing and started to combine her medical knowledge with her personal experiences with disability and chronic illness and produced articles about medicine, science, and disability. 2018, Karina was accepted into a journalism program in Edinburgh, Scotland and has been studying ever since. As part of her degree, she has worked with blind journalist Belo Cipriani and produced three accessible short films called ”Firsts” that feature writers with different disabilities. Additionally, she writes for an Austrian magazine for medical professionals with a focus on the patient’s perspective, and she has also written for international publications such as the Columbia Journalism Review. Besides journalism, Karina has a strong passion for all activities that involve being on or in the ocean. She loves traveling, dogs, facts, and Heavy Metal music, and hates lies, intolerance, and cooking. Karina’s film ’We Are Visible’ is a non-profit project supporting EDS organizations around the globe and is entirely self-funded. It is also a part of her MA thesis. Moreover, she considers this to be the most important project of her life.

Find out more about Karina on her website:

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Take a look behind the scenes:

Meet Jojo, one of the main characters in the film:

Meet Karina, the filmmaker:


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