Webinar: “A French Perspective on Ehlers Danlos”

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TOPIC: “A French Perspective on Ehlers Danlos”


PRESENTERS: Professor Claude Hamonet and Dr. Isabelle Brock

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DESCRIPTION: Professor Claude Hamonet and Dr. Isabelle Brock present their experience diagnosing and treating EDS (2800 cases) at the Paris hospital Hôtel Dieu.

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About our speakers:

Emeritus professor Claude Hamonet

-Medical Doctor, (Paris)

Medical specialties: Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, Sport Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Forensic Medicine.

-PhD. Social anthropology thesis: “Disability and anthropology“, University Paris Descartes.

-Past Professor of Rehabilitation medicine; University of Algiers (Algeria)

Past Associated Professor (anthropology), University of Kansas (USA).

-Past Dean of Faculty/Department Communication and Social inclusion University Paris-East-Creteil (UPEC).

-Past Director of reference center, associated with national reference center (Pr. Germain) of EDS (2005-2007).

Consulting Physician, Ehlers-Danlos disease, Henri Mondor Hospital (1998-2007) and Hôtel-Dieu de Paris since 2007-2016. (3000 patients diagnosed).

-Past Physician attached in Department of National medical Genetics (Pr.Germain) Raymond Poincaré Hospital, Garches (France)

-Forensic Expert (PMR) French Court of Cassation (France)

Past WHO Expert (Disability), Geneva. (1989-1996).

Past researcher (France) in European communities DG 12 (BME. Brussels).

Research expert for FRSQ and Ministry of Universities in Quebec (five missions).

– “Hall of Fame” Rare disease research Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) Eurodis, 2011-2012.

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Dr. Isabelle Brock

– Dr. Brock was awarded her medical degree in October 2014 and directly started working as a clinical researcher under Professor Hamonet at the hospital Hôtel Dieu de Paris.
– Her research includes available treatments’ efficacy as well as diagnostic criteria for EDS – HT. Having been an opera stage manager whilst gaining her university degrees and fluent in 5 languages she also organised and “stage managed” the international conferences on EDS in Paris in 2015 and 2016.
– Dr. Brock is now the clinical project manager for GERSED ( groupe d’études et de recherche syndrôme d’Ehlers-Danlos).  (This site is in French but can be translated by your browser) This study and research group for EDS currently consists of 69 physicians from all over the world. It is an association only open to medical professionals interested in furthering research on EDS and conducting clinical trials to do so.

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