Carolinas EDS, Chiari and More Support Group Meetings

We are located in Charlotte, NC.

We will meet 2nd Saturdays Quarterly: March, June, September, December

Please call 704-449-3517, text, or email

Hope all is well! we posted on the site we would meet June 10th.
I have to cancel next weekend meet n greet. my son is now graduating on the 10th if June instead of the 9th. if anyone would still like to meet you can call down to Julia’s Cafe and reserve a table.

We usually meet from 1pm to 3pm. We are currently meeting at Julia’s Cafe and Books in Charlotte, NC. We meet downstairs at the orange top tables. There are pillows for comfort and you may bring extra pillows, soft folding chairs or any equipment to make you more comfortable. You may purchase food and drinks, but are not obligated. Please do not bring outside food or drinks.


Julia’s cafe and Books

1133 North wendover Rd</stron
Charlotte, NC 28211

You can also go to this site to RSVP: . or our website:

Carolinas EDS, Chiari and More Support Group

We understand that most of us do not like to plan ahead because we do not know how we are feeling at a particular day but try to plan your visit. We are encouraging you to come you will love it! Please check back monthly for we may change a location if we have a speaker. If you know a expert speaker on the topics that interest our disorders please contact me.


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