This Young Woman Dislocates Her Shoulder Up to 10 Times a Day By Just Sneezing!

Lauren Harry

Lauren Harry

Lauren has not been diagnosed with EDS yet. But she has many of the symtoms.  Trying to work with this disorder can be difficult.

  • “- This Genetic condition means  Lauren’s collagen is too weak to support her joints
  • – She goes to work  at McDonalds even when she is in pain
  • – Doctors dislocated Lauren’s elbow by accident while relocating her shoulder “


“A crippling condition means Lauren Harry  dislocates her shoulders every time she sneezes. A  cough, or the slightest jolt – even driving over a speed bump – can knock them  out of their sockets.

Lauren, 20, says her shoulders can dislocate  ten times a day. She’s been to A&E  four times in the last week alone.

Doctors believe she has Ehlers-Danlos  syndrome, a genetic condition which means her collagen is too weak to hold her  limbs in place.


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