Jordan has Seen His Share of Hospitals.

HospitalJordan is a brave young man. At nine years old he sees the need for giving to others, even while he is struggling himself with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

“Jordan Corvin, Saugerties boy brings joy to Columbia Memorial patients. Jordan suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder affecting connective tissues that causes acid reflux and seizures.

He goes to Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital every four months for potassium treatments.

And it was during one of his stays there where, in his own words, “I saw kids being lonely in beds and some were crying.”

Nine-year-old Jordan felt he had to do something. Putting his own illness aside three years ago, Jordan and mom and dad April and Matthew Corvin started a program called Jordan’s Wish — put together with their own funds and the donations of time, gifts, and money from local families.

Essentially, Jordan fills a satchel of small presents that would make Santa proud.

Then during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, he takes them around to hospitals to give to kids and adults.

And their response is rewarding for Jordan.

“It’s good. It’s nice. It gives me a happy smile,” said this generous young man.

His benefactors over the years have been Westchester Medical, Kingston and Benedictine hospitals, Northern Dutchess, and now Columbia Memorial where he recently off-loaded a ton of small gifts before Christmas.

In fact, he had so many gifts that he left an additional goody bag to be distributed at the hospital during New Year’s week.

Dressed in a holiday green Mickey Mouse sweater, Jordan walked the halls of Columbia Memorial with his snowflake decorated blue bag dispensing cheer and goodies that brightened a lot of faces.

Two-year-old Nathan Fulton, dressed in yellow pajamas and sucking on a bright red pacifier wasn’t sure what to make of the Santa-hatted youngster walking into his room.

But his mother understood and let the young Jordan give a small Santa bag to her son.

Nathan tugged at the bag as Jordan looked on approvingly, his arm warmly draped around the little boy’s shoulders.

“It’s good to give,” said Jordan. “And it makes my heart feel good.”

What an unselfish dedication to helping others in need. An inspiration for all of us!

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