Indiana Woman Training for 5K Walk to Conquer EDS

Ashley won’t let Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome stop her from walking a 5k race with her family.  Watch the news coverage video about her story and her desire to raise EDS awareness.

By Jon Swaner

Click here to watch the video of the news report.

Ashley Brown(WTHI) – One woman says she won’t let her chronic illness keep her from accomplishing her goals in life. Ashley Brown says she won’t let her illness control her own body.  She tells us why walking… and finishing an entire 5K race is so important to her.  It’s not about how far she walks, but how far she’s come. By simply looking at her or watching her walk, you wouldn’t know that she has a chronic illness.

“It’s called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and it is a connective tissue disorder,” said Ashley.

All our bodies produce a protein call Collagen, which helps strengthen our joints.  Ashley’s Collagen is faulty.  This means her tendons and ligaments are weaker, and her joins dislocate quite easily.

“I was born with this, and so it’s my normal,” said Ashley.

Her skin is also incredibly elastic.  Ashley looks like she’s in her early 20′s.  Actually, she is 30 years old.  But don’t expect her to call EDS a silver lining.

Not only has EDS put Ashley in surgery 8 times, and that both shoulders need replaced, EDS can be fatal.  It also gets worse with time.  So you may be surprised to hear that Ashley is training with her family to walk a 5-k.  It’s on her bucket list.

“It’s about proving to myself that I am still in control of my own body, and proving to my disorder that I’m not going to stop fighting,” said Ashley.

Ashley is aware of the risks, but she trains smart.  On one day, she’ll walk as far as she can.  The next day she walks half that distance.  On the third day, she rests.  She will walk the 5K with her husband and many friends at the Color Run 5K on the Indiana State campus.

“They have agreed, my team has sort of agreed that worst case scenario they will carry me over the finish line, that I’m going to cross that finish line no matter what,” said Ashley.

Armed with her pedometer, her loving family’s support, and her own will, Ashley is getting there. She’s able to complete more than 90% of the 5K.

Ashley is also doing this 5K to raise awareness.  Heres a website dedicated to EDS information as well as Ashley’s EDS Facebook page, where you can learn more.  We’ll follow Ashley’s progress and let you know how she’s doing.  Good luck Ashley!

This was a great way to promote EDS Awareness and education.  

Click here for the original source of this article and a video about Ashley Brown

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