Em Made it to the Conference!

We wrote about Em before the EDNF Learning Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a very brave young lady. Her mother tells us how she is doing.

“But, my kid is pretty amazing. Growing up is challenging under the best of circumstances – adding to that mix complicates things exponentially. Em has had a rough and tumble couple of weeks – physically and emotionally. The conference was physically demanding but emotionally rewarding. I was so proud of how she handled herself and the strides she made in owning her EDS. That was a huge step and a positive one, from all indications. We have had some great conversations in the days following the conference and I know she learned a lot.

Then, this weekend, one of her good friends was in an car accident, ending up with some serious injuries and spending some time in the hospital. We are all very grateful that she is alive and will hopefully come home today, but it was quite a blow to Emily’s anxiety and general sense of well being. Em wrote a lovely post about her friend on her blog and I was blown away by her ability to verbalize her feelings.

Another big step she has taken is joining Inspire. I am so proud that she is ready to communicate with other EDSers. She can learn a lot from them and she has a lot to offer in return. Which, of course, is the beauty of online support groups. However, writing about herself was understandably emotional for her and we had to sort of wade through that trauma. It was a hard but probably necessary time and I was so proud of her.”

Em made it to the conference and had an opportunity to share with many children who attended. The children’s programs were educational and fun.

Click Here for more about EM.


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