Cub Scout With EDS Needs Help

There are adults and children of all ages, boys and girls with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.


Brayden Burns is an 8-year old Cub Scout from Omaha who has to overcome obstacles everyday that most people would consider simple tasks.

He was born with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobility.

The difficulties stemming from his condition include easy bruising, joint pain and dislocations.

His mother has to assist him with bathing, dressing, mobility and personal hygiene.

When a joint becomes dislocated he experiences severe pain. To relive this severe pain he pushes the joint back in place. Doing this has caused him to break bones on several occasions.

As Brayden grew older he used a manual wheelchair but an electric wheelchair is now necessary to keep him from dislocating his wrists and elbows from pushing the wheelchair.

As he continues to grow he has become more and more dependent on the wheelchair due to the stress in his joints.

As a single parent, Brayden’s mother is in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

That can happen if Brayden receives enough votes as a local hero during National Mobility Awareness Month.  Voting is online at

Many of those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome are in need of help.  If you are interested in helping Brayden you can click on this link

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