Baylor College of Medicine Receives Funds to Study Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

A generous gift to Baylor College of Medicine will further Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome research.
Reporter-Houston Business Journal

baylor“Two philanthropic donors gifted $1 million to Baylor College of Medicine with the hopes researchers will be able to advance the study of a rare, incurable tissue disorder.

Baylor geneticist Dr. Brendan Lee will use the gift from Pamela and David Ott to establish a foundation in their name and broaden understanding of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a disease in which the body does not make enough collagen and results in weakened tendons and ligaments.

“There have been great advances in the understanding of heritable disorders of connective tissues especially affecting bone, cartilage, and blood vessels,” Lee said in a statement. “Through studying disorders that affect these organs like Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Achondroplasia and Marfan syndrome, much has been learned and new therapies developed.”

Philanthropic donations are more important than ever, insiders say, as funding from the National Institutes of Health is harder to come by since sequestration cut about 5 percent, or $1.55 billion, of its budget.

What a generous and much needed contribution to Ehlers-Danlos research!

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1 thought on “Baylor College of Medicine Receives Funds to Study Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome”

  1. Bridget Boudreaux says:

    Too bad they won’t even schedule a newly tested patient with vascular eds positive testing and there is no genetist in the state who will. Shame on them

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