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PRESENTER:   Dr. Golder N. Wilson is a pediatric geneticist

Topic:  Ehlers-Danlos Spectrum and Dysautonomia

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More about Dr.  Golder Wilson


Dr. Golder N. Wilson is a pediatric geneticist who began with interests in research, combining his medical degree with a PhD in biochemistry from University of Chicago and collaborating with his fellowship mentor Roy Schmickel at U. of Michigan to publish the first cloning of human DNA in 1978.

During professorial position at U. Michigan, McGill, UT Southwestern, and Texas Tech University Health Science Centers (currently  Professor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology) his emphasis changed from research to clinical practice and he now has a KinderGenome private practice at Medical City Hospital in Dallas.

His primary interest has been syndromes, patterns of birth defects or medical problems, and a major focus is coordinating with cardiologists and orthopedists to understand syndromes involving connective tissue laxity (e.g., Ehlers-Danlos or Marfan syndromes), particularly with regard to the disabling dysautonomia (IBS and POTS) that affects so many of these patients.

Dr. Wilson is certified in both clinical genetics and cytogenetics, conducting a recent workshop on DNA analysis at the Pediatric Academic Society meetings in Washington DC, and his laboratory perspective is important in correlating new DNA testing (microarray analysis and exome sequencing) with symptoms of complex genetic syndromes. To this end, he continues scholarship with publication of over 150 articles and 5 books, some as with his  Six Mothers, Six Stories of disAbility (Hale Publishing) devoted to patient education.

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