Swimmer Diagnosed with EDS

“Trainwreckgirl” describes how she was diagnosed with EDS.  Parents need to listen when their child complains of joint pain.

” I was diagnosed almost 6 years ago when I was 14 I’m 19 now. I was also having  a lot of joint pain I was on a swim team for 13 years and for years I would tell  my dad that my knees and shoulders were hurting me and moving weird and almost  every day when i was older but all he ever told me was  to suck it up its  nothing but in the middle of our championships I was swimming( i don’t know if  you know if you know anything about swim strokes) butterfly in my main event and  my shoulder dislocated and I kept swimming with a dislocated because if I  stopped I would get disqualified and my dad and coaches would be mad so I  finished the race but I had to be lifted out of the pool and was screaming and  that’s when my dad knew I was telling the truth when I came to him all  those  times saying something was wrong. My mom took me to the doctors the next day and  she referred me to Cincinnati children’s hospital to see a genetic specialist dr  tinkle for possible ehlers danlos syndrome we went a few weeks later and sure  enough I have it. But you should go on the Internet and google the doctor tinkle  ehlers danlos body checker test or something along those lines. It is pictures  of drawings of a hand elbow finger skin foot I think and knee those are going to  be things they will have you do if you the hyper mobility type. I hope I helped.  If you have any more questions just ask me I’m pretty much an expert in it now I  have two books by Doctor tinkle also on it. Good luck.”

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