About New Hampshire EDS Support Group

In October 2015, the NH EDS Support Group, (New Hampshire Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Support Group), was founded by Annaca Cook.

In February 2017, the New Hampshire EDS Coalition was founded to offer awareness, advocacy, legislative initiatives, support, and education for the community and healthcare providers. For more info, visit www.nhedscoalition.org

Having EDS can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Together we are stronger and can support one another in our daily lives. We welcome folks from surrounding states such as Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.

We have regular monthly meetings and social get togethers. We understand that “EDSers” have our bad days and worse days.

Even if you cannot attend the meetings regularly, we can still communicate through our web pages, e-mail: EDSNH@hotmail.com and via Facebook.

“Living life with EDS together”



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